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    Secondary PDM Solutions

    Automatic power distribution system consists of power control board, power processor, front and rear load management centers, etc. Power processor finishes the power supply logic calculation and control.Front and rear load management centers consist of multiple AC and DC SSPC channels and provide on/off control for the neighboring electric load via the channels. Relevant control buttons and switches on the power control board, as well as keys over power processor can operate the control mode. The screen of power processor displays the working status and warning information of power supply and power distribution system.

    • Reduced cable weight and complexity of wiring on power distribution grid

    • Reduced the maintenance difficulties on cable fault

    • Effectively reduced the volume of distribution system

    Real-time monitoring over load statusEliminated single point to avoid regional breakdownGood performance on overload and short circuit protection

    Real-time monitoring over status on current and voltage. Met the requirements of device digitization and informatization. Auto downgrading to ensure the reliability of the system.

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